January 8, 2024
Trish Arab

Winners and Losers at the 81st Golden Globes (2 minute read)

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It was a star-studded Sunday night in Hollywood as the entertainment industry came out for the first time since SAG-AFTRA Actors and Writers went on strike.  As I watched the show in real-time and followed along via "X" and Google to see what others were saying, I found my takes on the night rather "hot" compared to everyone else.

For starters, Jo Koy's monologue was funny.  He took cheap shots that didn't always land, but that's more because the truth hurts than anything else.  His Taylor Swift NFL joke (What's the difference between the Golden Globes and the NFL?   The Globes have fewer camera shots of Taylor Swift) was funny - and I love her - if she was seriously "unamused," I'm disappointed because part of my love for her has been her ability to laugh at herself.  For a guy who had never hosted before and was given only ten days' notice, he did pretty well, and if the Hollywood elite doesn't like it, they should probably look inward to figure out why.  

If I am to give out an award for the best presenting duo of the night, that had to be Andra Day and Jon Batiste as they introduced the "Best Original Song: Motion Picture" winner.  The strip mall joke and Jon's reaction to it were perfect, but not more than them both vibing out to the King Koopa soundtrack in the original Super Mario Brothers games.  For the full section, see below.

As for the actual winners and losers of the night, being someone who didn't particularly love "Oppenheimer," I wasn't thrilled with their five wins, especially given how powerful some of the movies they were up against were in comparison.  Since this was the "Succession" final season, I was happy to see their team win big in the acting categories, but for the same reason, I was sorry to see "Ted Lasso" come up short.  

It's hard not to get excited about all those wins for "The Bear," though; it's a phenomenal show, and this past season was its best.  I am salty for Ebon Moss-Bachrach though - Matthew MacFadyen was great as Tom in "Succession," and like I said, there won't be any more chances for that character, but no one character grew on television like Moss-Bachrach's Richie on "The Bear," and the level of depth the actor was able to achieve for an easily dismissable one-dimensional character was a thing of beauty.  Maybe the Emmy will go his way.

Like in previous years, the Golden Globes is also my first look at some of the shows and movies I may have missed, so as we go further into "hibernation" season here in the Northeast, I will certainly be watching "Beef" and "Poor Things" before the Emmy's next week.

I didn't get to watch a lot of the red carpet, which is usually my favourite part of awards season, but I did catch Jennifer Lawrence, who honestly is a fantastic human, shout out to last week's jaw-dropping Real Housewives of Salt Lake City finale - J Law is just like all of us.