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March 6, 2024
Kurt Benson

Welcome back to "Fast Lane Lifestyle" (1 minute read)

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We are beyond excited to relaunch “Fast Lane Lifestyle” with Alyshia and Asafa Powell.

After the conclusion of Season 1, as a team, we decided to take a step back and upgrade in all aspects. The biggest step taken was to build a studio for the show; no more filming in the living room; the show now has its own dedicated space. This is a massive refresh not just for the show but for us at Tidal League. Our very first studio space outside the US and Canada. This new studio gives the show the elevation it truly deserves.

Season 1 featured over 30 episodes and an incredible lineup of guests from Usain Bolt to Elaine Thompson-Herah. The show became a staple across the Jamaican diaspora with millions of views across multiple platforms and gave fans an incredible all access pass into the lives of renowned Model and Olympian.

As I reflect on our partnership and friendship with the Powell’s, working with them has been a joy. Two highly vibrant personalities that bring so much passion to everyday life. I still remember when we had our first video call. I was shocked because Asafa was someone I watched in the Olympics growing up and had so much respect for. Arguably, he was the most revered sprinter when it came to his technique and ability to run so effortlessly. Then you have Alyshia, who has modelled for some of the most iconic brands in the world and has a portfolio that includes Lululemon, Maybelline, and MAC.

However, as I got to know both Alyshia and Asafa, I realized it wasn’t their professional careers that interested me; it was them together as two individuals who were passionate about doing life together. They have an energy about them that attracts such positive vibes, and that truly comes out in “Fast Lane Lifestyle.” It’s rare to find two people with this type of chemistry that give the public such inside access to their daily lives, from the relatability of marriage to raising kids, but at the same time balancing who they are as public figures.

So, with all that said, I invite you to join us as we launch Season 2 of “Fast Lane Lifestyle.”

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