September 12, 2023
Keegan Poulton

Week 1 of the NFL | Jets Win but Lose Aaron Rodgers to Injury and the 49ers Might be the Best Team in Football (2 minute read)

Week 1 is here!

The preseason is over, 53-man rosters are set, and fantasy drafts are complete. For football fans, this past weekend was everything they have been waiting for as we were treated to a dramatic Week 1 full of surprises, upsets and nail-biters. What you expect to happen never seems to come true in week one, as some of the best teams from last year, like the Chiefs, Bengals and Bills, will all be starting the year 0 - 1!

San Francisco 49er Captain Arik Armstead said on his new podcast Third and Long; "Week 1 of the NFL is really a crapshoot. It just boils down to what team makes the fewest mistakes. You know, early in the NFL season, there is going to be a lot of sloppy football, miscues… Week 1, the team that can not mess up the most has the better chance of winning.”

Arik couldn’t have been more right.

He saw his team execute and cruise to a comfortable victory 30-7 over the Pittsburgh Steelers.

That 49er team looks special on both sides of the ball. Rightfully ranked as the number 1 defence last season, they have an entire team of playmakers at every level. On the offensive side, The 49ers going all in on Quarterback Brock Purdy looks like the right decision, as last year’s “Mr. Irrelvant” showed out in Week 1.

I know many fans were surprised when they traded Trey Lance early this year, but the move is starting to make more sense every day.

Quite possibly, the biggest news of the week came from Monday night’s Bills vs. Jets matchup.

Fans tuned in to see this AFC East rivalry and game one of Aaron Rodgers in a Jets uniform. On the game’s first drive, Aaron was sacked and fell awkwardly on his ankle, and it is feared that it might be a season-ending injury.

The 39-year-old, first-ballot Hall of Famer may have a tough time returning from this one, but seeing how his team rallied around him for the upset win over the Super Bowl-contending Bills was encouraging. It looks like the Jets will be led again by Zach Wilson, the Quarterback they drafted 2nd overall in the 2021 draft and who they originally intended to be the face of the Franchise.

Prayers up to Aaron Rodgers on a speedy recovery, as I hope we get the chance to see him out on the field again sometime soon.