September 14, 2023
Hong Lau

We talking HIP HOP (and a bit of Hoops) (1 minute read)

Mario, Princess Peach go on a new adventure in the animated film, Super Mario Brothers

We’ve always had this incredible show that is consistent, entertaining, and represents my hometown of Toronto! 

The show I am talking about is "Hip Hop Hoops". 

Every single week, Iggy and Woods discuss the worlds of basketball and hip-hop and how the two go hand in hand, always intersecting, with rappers wanting to be athletes and athletes wanting to be rappers. 

On “Hip Hop Hoops,” the guys dive into all things basketball, not just the NBA, focusing on Canadian basketball, our players, our rising stars and what’s happening in the country around the game. 

This week, they decided to add more flavour to the pod and welcome former Division 1 NCAA basketball player Kayla Davis as a guest co-host. 

I was in the building doing the recording for the team that week, and the energy was different, but a good different. I had the pleasure to witness firsthand Kayla’s ability to work the room, navigate the conversation and add a unique dynamic that fans should enjoy. 

Of course, as per usual, you can find Woods with some absurd takes that borderline don’t make sense, and Iggy just shaking his head with his favourite phrase, “common man.” 

The group dives into several topics in this episode, including: 

Canada’s massive upset over the US (and who was the best player overall in the FIBA tournament): Is “OG Annoy” the Jokic stopper? And back in the world of hip hop, what’s the best diss track of all time?

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