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October 20, 2023
Leisa Washington

USC Brandon Gardner (BG) brings crowd to their feet as Caleb Williams ready’s himself for the dunk of his life while teammates cheer (2 minute read)

Caleb Williams and USC stood on the hardwood court on Thursday night for the HoopLA, an annual tipoff event in Los Angeles. Caleb Williams is the reigning Heisman Trophy winner. His presence in the stadium was monumental at HoopLA.

The current roster at USC could be one of the most talented teams in their conference. Brandon Gardner is coming off of his latest achievement “Mr. New York Basketball 2023,” and he did not disappointment while entertaining the fans with his athleticism. 6 foot-8, 215-pound forward BG, a four-star freshman put on a show as Caleb Williams the USC’s starting quarterback, put his finger up for one, as he held his phone to record BG’s Jordon like lift-off dunk over his head. It was DOPE and made for a great poster!

With ease and style, Gardner didn’t warm up or stretch. He cleared Williams head and left room for the stadium lights to shine bright.

Trojans stood quietly until the dunk was complete. Then the crowd and his teammates jumped up and down, dabbed him and screamed out. Brandon Gardner held his first annual clinic this past summer in partnership with KEEN Los Angeles, sponsored by Tidal League in the City of Montebello where he enjoyed an afternoon of empowering children and youth with different abilities through inclusion and integration for all.

He’s a standout charismatic person. Everyone who meets Brandon, loves him.

Welcome to USC Brandon Gardner, we look forward to watching you play!

NCAA Basketball is BACK, you heard!!!