October 30, 2023
Hong Lau

Tragedy and Record Breaking for Red Bull - F1 Mexico Grand Prix (1 minute read)

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Man, what a Grand Prix in Mexico City! If you have paid attention to our old podcast, you’ll know that this track is one of my favourites just based on how it’s designed. When you’re hitting the final sector of the circuit, you’re surrounded by fans, and it feels like you’re going to drive into all of the fans. It’s quite an immersive experience. 


 Today was a bittersweet time for the Red Bull camp. On one hand, early in the race, Charles Leclerc and hometown favourite Sergio Perez get into a racing incident. It was unfortunate to see Checo not finish the race so early due to such an unfortunate incident. Charles had no way to go while Checo thought he could overtake from the outside. As George said, whenever you take the outside, it’s a risky move, and you have to trust the opposing driver to respect and leave you enough space. Of course, this wasn’t the case cause Charles was squeezed between Checo and Max, but it was just unfortunate. You could feel and see just the angst from Checo because of his DNFing on the first lap. 


 Then, on the other side of Red Bull, it’s complete glory, lol. Max Verstappen sets another world record with his 16th win in a single season. It’s just really dominant and probably the most dominant season ever. He can still win another three races (and I fully expect him to go into each race as the favourite). If Max Verstappen finishes the year with 19 race wins, I don’t think there will ever be another driver that even comes close to the season Max has had. What a time to be alive as an F1 fan. He made the race look really easy and kind of just cruised to an easy win. 

Quick notes 

  • Lando looked incredibly strong today (still the second-fastest driver imo) 
  • Lewis had a strong drive as well. 
  • Charles made Carlos Sainz look weak with a damaged win and put in some serious time 
  • WTF is going on at Aston Martin lol 
  • Yuki seems to self detonate lmao 
  • Big congrats to Danny Ricciardo on making a potential 20 MIllion for AlphaTauri due to the points he scored this weekend
  • I feel for K Mag with that massive accident. hopefully, he feels fine rolling into Vegas!