October 23, 2023
Hong Lau

Timothy “Himothy” Hardaway Jr. on Run Your Race (1 minute read)

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Another week down and another episode with another great guest. I was a fan of Tim Hardaway Jr. from his days at Michigan with fellow Canadian Nik Stauskas. He has a recognizable name in the basketball world because his dad was one of the premier guards of the ’90s. Known for his “UTEP Step” and killer crossover, he made a name in the NBA, leading to his Basketball Hall of Fame Induction in 2022.

That may all sound great, but it was far from that from Tim Jrs Eye’s. On this podcast, he dives into what it was like growing up with a father of that stature. He eludes to finding a way to avoid his dad at some extreme cost because he didn’t want to talk. High school for him was also a place of interest, coming from a state more known for football, leading him to go back and play in Southside Chicago, his father’s birthplace.

Tim shares some gems about his time at the University of Michigan. Hear from Tim what it’s like to play for John Beilein. How do you earn a “green light”? The guys dive into some high-profile games that are some of college basketball’s most memorable moments. These moments include Trey Burke’s magical shot to send them to the Final Four during their magical run, a halfcourt shot in Wisconsin, and the championship game in 2013.

We also get a chance to dive into his time in the NBA, including being drafted by the Knicks, where they called his father instead of him, being told he wouldn’t play for the first 25 games even if hell froze over (I’m paraphrasing), to finding out from his driver that he was being traded.

You’re in for a great one. Make sure you listen to this week’s episode of Run Your Race. Tap in below