July 19, 2023

Tidal League takes over Las Vegas (1 minute read)

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By Kurt Benson

11 days in the desert…two back-to-back projects…and celebrating “5” with the entire squad. When you pause and take a moment to reflect on what feels like light speed, it’s absolutely special what a small group of people can achieve when united in vision and purpose.

Travelling across the continent to set up our satellite HQ for almost two weeks isn’t a small feat, it requires months of planning and precise execution. From our content suite to the incredible Tidal League HQ at F11, we created a content incubator that became the perfect melting pot for business to be exchanged.

So why Vegas in the middle of the summer?

NBA Summer League – the heartbeat of the NBA when it comes to the calendar year, you wont find another NBA event where the entire league is in the same place at the same time. This creates a recipe for collaboration and success, starting with “Run Your Race” led by NBA athlete Theo Pinson. Taking advantage of the time and place to film multiple episodes with his colleagues around the NBA, featuring the likes of newly crowned NBA Champion Bruce Brown to the newly appointed VP of the NBPA Grant Williams.
Building off the back of “Run Your Race” we commenced the filming of “LeagueBiz” season 3. When I said building, I meant literally, we built an incredible set that featured over 15 cameras with multiple creative angles that will bring viewers into the world of the NBA with a new cinematic feeling. 11 episodes later, featuring over 25 change makers in the world of basketball we wrapped season 3.
All this was followed by our Tidal League 5-year birthday dinner where our entire team had the chance to decompress, let loose, and reflect on the amazing journey thus far. With the back half of 2023 in front of us, we are energized for what’s ahead and have some massive partnerships and announcements around the corner!

Stay tuned. #BeenTidalLeague