August 30, 2023
Leisa Washington

Tidal League Sponsors Trey Green and AJ Storr Youth Basketball Camps (2 minute read)

Tidal League had the amazing opportunity to sponsor two clinics on August 14th and 19th. Trey Green of Xavier University and AJ Storr of the University of Wisconsin Madison. Both are leading in their creative space and conference on and off the court.

Trey Green was the first freshman ever to deliver a clinic. He served the vulnerable residents of North Avondale Recreation Center. Kids ages 8 to 13 came out enthusiastically to play Trey one-on-one and experience an amazing time from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. The 42 youth in attendance went through 9 stations, games, and a fun-filled time, not stopping even for a water break. Parents looked on as they sat baseline and enjoyed the look on their children’s faces while taking pictures and recording them. Trey met with the media and had a special guest speaker from WNBA All-Star, Kelsey Mitchell, who plays for the Indiana Fever. Trey closed with a passionate speech and Q&A.

All in attendance left with signed t-shirts and a boxed healthy lunch.

Soaring above the rim in his 5’10 frame and serving the community that supports him is a guarantee for the upcoming season. There’s nothing he enjoys more than putting a smile on the faces of the future and playing an active role in their development. The goal Trey set out to achieve was accomplished – enhancing lives!

Message from Trey:

I’ve had to navigate my journey with a chip on my shoulder – whether that meant fighting my way through the ranks to become the best player that I can become or challenging myself to do more for those around me. I can’t wait to impart my lessons of continuous improvement and overcoming adversity to my young brothers and sisters of the community to positively impact their personal development.

AJ Storr decided to make his presence known to the Sun Prairie community in Wisconsin. He was the first to do it at Sun Prairie West High School in this region—a new school for the vulnerable and affluent communities. Kids ages 6 to 11 years old came out and were mesmerized by the stations, how beautiful the gym was and the execution of the clinic. Fifty-nine youths ran for a water break as the intensity grew through the second half of the clinic. AJ’s mother, Ms. Annette, took part in the clinic and blew her whistle when it was time to rotate. AJ ended with a heartwarming Q&A and speech. The youth wanted to spend all day with him – forgetting to grab their boxed healthy lunch on the way out. With their signed t-shirts, playing one-on-one with AJ was the goal for the older attendees.

AJ is in his sophomore year at the University of Wisconsin and is one of the newest members of the Badger family. Soaring above the rim in his 6’6 frame and serving the community that supports his arrival. There’s nothing he enjoys more than putting a smile on the faces of the future and playing an active role in their development, which he accomplished.

Message from AJ:

Your support means more to me than you can imagine. I became the player I am today because of the free camps I was fortunate to participate in. I now understand the value of community, and it is my responsibility to pay it forward like it was paid to me.

Let’s make magic.