Tidal League Launches “Cannabis Related” with the captivating Onell Crawford

Onell Crawford, known as “the most connected man in cannabis” is bringing his knowledge, experience and contacts within the cannabis space to the Tidal League Media Network with the new show, “Cannabis Related” 

Motivated by his passion, “Cannabis Related” is meant to work on deconstructing stigma and raise awareness around the plant.  

After starting his own Hollywood agency in the early 2000s, Onell steadily grew his network as he worked with countless entertainers and designers.  He entered the cannabis space in 2013, working with one of the largest cannabis brands in the world.  By 2017, Onell joined a cannabis technology company and built out a strong reputation quickly exemplifying what an asset he was within the industry.

“Cannabis Related” will feature interviews with big name personalities such as Dwayne Wade, Trevor Noah, and Matt Barnes while organically building conversations around medical use, technology, prohibition, social equity, mental health, the war on drugs, and much more. 

Buckle up as we discuss all things Cannabis Related. 

This show aims to raise the voices of people who have been historically disenfranchised in this space. The war on drugs has done incalculable damage to BIPOC communities while corporate cannabis entities reap the rewards. “Cannabis Related” aims to start to deconstruct this unjust past, and rebuild a new narrative for those impacted.  

You can catch “Cannabis Related” on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, YouTube and follow on Instagram, Twitter.