November 16, 2023
Kurt Benson

Tidal League Heads Back to the Bay (1 minute read)

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Two trips in two months, The Bay is starting to feel like another home for us at Tidal League. With our jump into the NFL and partnering with Arik Armstead of the 49ers, naturally, I’ve taken an interest in the NFL, specifically with the San Francisco 49ers. Some would argue that the 49ers have a more enormous and more faithful fanbase than the Dallas Cowboys, as in every road game, the stands are filled with fans in red.

Nonetheless, we just returned from a successful trip where we did our first in-person guest series with Arik. This featured 3 of Arik’s teammates, who had quite the resume.

Starting with Nick Bosa, reigning defensive player of the year and fresh off a SKIMS deal with Kim K, Nick Bosa joined Arik for his first-ever in-person podcast appearance.

Trent Williams is the man who changed the perception of the offensive tackle. Dubbed “Silverback,” he is not only considered the greatest in his position but also beat cancer after an already successful NFL career, returned, earned another All-Pro Team, and signed the largest deal ever.

Last season, Brandon Aiyuk, one of the brightest up-and-coming receivers in the NFL, had 1000 receiving yards as the 4th option. This season, he’s off to a hot start, and some would say he’s a top-5 receiver in the league.

Spending two full days with Arik allowed me to build on our relationship and partnership and understand the game of football through his eyes. At Tidal League, we have, for the most part, been NBA-dominant. I learned that you can’t compare the NFL to the NBA, and the athletes are extremely different. The NFL, for one, is much more prominent in team size. Instead of a league with 450 athletes, you have over 1500 athletes. The dynamics between team and player, the schedule, and the physical component are different. I have a newfound respect for the game of football and, more importantly, respect for the athletes and how they show up and go to work every day.

For all the football fans out there, you can expect more athlete-empowered conversations coming your way, starting with Nick Bosa - tap in below to listen.