January 24, 2024
Trish Arab

Tidal League Enters the Documentary Film Making Space (1 minute read)

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This month, our Director of Special Projects, Peter Calder, took on our most significant feat yet. He is currently on a cross-country production session with a crew filming a documentary at Tidal League, the first of its kind.

Creating beautiful images with amazing guests and interviewees in the most intimate setting, this project is testing our boundaries as a company and challenging us in ways we have yet to face - all in the best of ways. Peter describes this experience of discovering all of the unique perspectives to a more remarkable story as "incredible."

In the past week, his team has conducted 17 interviewing sessions, all during a snowstorm, but more so, have created an excellent system for productively achieving what we are looking for in a repetitive nature.

With so many people to speak to, creating a comfortable and shareable atmosphere and creating the best imagery at a film-level look is essential.

We have teamed up with Roland Lazenby, one of the greatest sports authors in America, and are covering elements of this story that others have dared not look.  

We know we are being a bit aloof about this project,  but we promise to share more as soon as we can. I will leave you with this message from Peter directly: "I can't wait to move on to the next production phase and share this incredible story with all of you. This story is, of course, about Chris Dennis, who you will learn more about as we progress into this project. I'm very thankful to be a part of this documentary. "

Stay tuned...