December 6, 2023
Kurt Benson

The World of Content, Stories, and the Creator Economy (2 minute read)

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We have been consuming content since the birth of humanity, but in the last century, that has changed and evolved rapidly. Humans love stories, and that starts when we are born. We are told stories as babies; over our lifetime, it becomes a massive part of our life and culture. Whether it's a story being told at a campfire or the dinner table, we are captivated by engaging storytelling.

So, when we look at this world of content, I refer to it as stories in all forms, from the early days of radio to the streaming world we live in. With the evolution of technology and changes in consumer behaviour, content consumption has increased, and the mechanics we use to consume it have changed. The world of programming and linear content has declined with the boom of on-demand content. We can now consume anywhere, anytime with the power of technology and the healthy creator economy.

Not only do I love stories, but I love telling them, hence why our company, Tidal League, is a storytelling platform with amazing creators. Heading into the final weeks of 2023, I find myself in reflection mode: how did we get here, and how have we grown? When Tidal League was birthed in 2018, digital content was here, but it was still so early. Podcasts, YouTube, and Social Media were still big question marks; many people needed help understanding them or discovering and accessing content through those mediums. The rise of technology also birthed the creator economy we live in, allowing anyone to enter it and start creating.

When we launched our first podcast, Court-side Moms, we told stories of NBA athletes through their mother's eyes. It was original and the first of its kind regarding the creator economy. I remember uploading our first episodes, throwing it out into the ethos, and hoping it would catch on. We learnt early on that, yes, anyone can create content, but you need a distribution pipeline and a community that consumes your content. That is the most challenging part of creating scalable and sustainable content. Fast forward to the present day, and we are building an incredibly loyal community that loves Tidal League content. It's surreal from the early days of 30 people to now reaching over a billion people in 2023. In 5-years, we have grown, learned, and adapted how we create content.

With a diverse content catalogue, we produce an original slate of podcasts, social content, video talk shows, and now feature documentaries. Looking into 2024, we are studying consumer behaviour and taking all the data and lessons learned over 5-years to refine our content model. When someone watches Tidal League, there is a certain brand look and feel about our content; you can expect engaging storytelling from athletes and artists that bring you into their world. Now immerse yourself into that story whether you're commuting to work, prepping dinner, at the gym, or sharing with friends and family in the living room. That feeling of being at the campfire or dinner table can now be felt with the Tidal League community anywhere at any time.

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