April 29, 2024
Hong Lau

The Wild West in F1 (2 minute read)

Mario, Princess Peach go on a new adventure in the animated film, Super Mario Brothers

As always F1 has continued to be the greatest show in all of motorsport…. BUT did you ever think that it would be the drama and sh*t show it has been this year? In 2024 all of the drama has pretty much been off the track.

Here’s a list of all the off track drama since the 2024 calendar officially hit full swing

  • Lewis Hamilton to Ferrari
  • Christian Horner’s scandal
  • The Power struggle at Red Bull
  • Adrian Newey leaving Red Bull
  • Audi offering Carlos Sainz a BAG
  • The Driving market as a whole
  • Max Verstappen might join Mercedes?

I’m not saying it’s a negative by any means because it isn’t when you talk about professional sports. At it’s core it drives more viewership and eyeballs no the sport when we don’t have any racing actually going on during the weekend. I think most F1 fans can just say “they weren’t expecting it or use to it”.

This has felt closer to the NBA where it’s just drama headlines all year long and we don’t even get to focus on the sport as much. I think F1 “drama” most purist would like is when drivers are at each other’s necks about questionable driving and overtakes. To play devil’s advocate we haven’t had much competition at the top end of the grid which always makes it more fun and drama riddled sport wise.

There’s a couple things I want to address quickly. I mean this all really started with Lewis Hamilton leaving to Ferrari that was a monumental move that ended up shaking up the whole foundation of Formula One. Obviously Christian Horner’s scandal and the power struggle of Red Bull coinciding with Lewis’ move made it possible for everything else to happen. Adrian Newey leaving Red Bull is a thing I never really expected to see other than for retirement. Adrian is considered the godfather of car development and with him leaving potentially to Ferrari or Aston Martin it opens up the field for 2026 when we have new regulations. That leads to the domino effect of Max Verstappen and Marko Helmut leaving Red Bull as well.

I don’t think I’d ever see Max drive at Ferrari and that’s why the Lewis Hamilton move was SO important. It would be really weird to see Max suit up for the silver arrows to be honest, but it would be a huge power play and hopefully Mercedes could get their act together and put together a championship level car. Obviously the dark horse admist all this drama is Aston Martin. Aston Martin is said to have put a very competitive package together for Adrian Newey (100 MILLION OF THEM THINGS lol), which could lead Max and Marko over to Aston Martin.

It would be a very very very dark day for Mercedes fans and would make Lawrence Stroll look like a genius. Now what I will say is that Red Bull seems to just be the loser in all this lol and I can admit I’m happy to see all this. Christian Horner and that team have constantly behaved a certain way that has rubbed people the wrong way for a very long time, and seeing their demise would be to a lot of people’s delight.

With all this being said we are looking at a huge change and drastic shake up in 2026 as the new regulations come into play