May 11, 2023

The Tide is High so Let's Go Surfing (1 minute read)

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By Pen Moodz

When the tide is high, we surf the sea, and for those within the Tidal League universe, one thing is for certain, the tide is always with us. I'm incredibly excited to share Tidal League's latest show brought to shore – "Surfin the Sea".

First things first – what is Surfin the Sea?

Surfin the Sea is a run-and-gun style show hosted by Tidal League's newest creators, Jordan Sodhi and Devante Browne. With Jordan's intoxicating energy and Devante's Picasso-picturesque camera work, the stories that they will unravel will be one of magic. Both have known each other since elementary school and so the connection between the mic and lens is telepathic for them.

Jordan's charisma is second to none and with this show will become Tidal League's first true all-encompassing personality. Surfin the Sea is how Tidal League will naturally build out a community at every intersection of conversation, sport and culture. Fellow surfers can find us on TikTok @TidalLeague.

Why is it called "Surfing the Sea"? Playing on our attributes of water, the Sea is where our community lives. It's where our content lives. So, we must go where our people are and surf among them to see how they are feeling about life and the happenings that bring buzz to their respective cities.

You name it, we will capture it. We will push the culture better than any network because we are the culture.

That is why we are surfin'. From community members to professional athletes to musicians, we will leave no conversation unturned nor wave untouched.

Whether choppy or smooth, you will find us barreling through the break and carving our way through to your screens with a smile.

Surf's up, my friends.