May 1, 2024
Hong Lau

The Return and Revamp of "Hip Hop Hoops" (1 minute read)

Mario, Princess Peach go on a new adventure in the animated film, Super Mario Brothers

What up, what up, what up, let’s go!!! 

Shoutout to the distant cousins over there at Hip Hop Hoops! 

We started working with Iggy and Woods in mid-2022 and don’t think we truly actually found a good rhythm or a concept. However, we knew that they wanted to create content, and that was the most important factor when we were working with our partners. So we put the show on hold for a couple of months until we figured out what it would actually look like. 


And here we are after about three months of the show’s reboot with some incredible content and viral moments. The show has really grown and taken an identity throughout the city of Toronto. We really wanted to make it a show that you turn on, grab a snack, and just enjoy the vibes. We’ve added a song of the week (my personal new favourite segment), SHOUTOUT to Mally Swayzz for Comma Cousins. That song is an absolute banger. The guys have also started reacting to outfits, which is hilarious. 


It’s been great to see them also highlight Canada basketball. We’ve enjoyed being able to speak about the past, present and future of the sport in our country. 

We had some huge moments from calling out the city on which block creates the best basketball players, who has the best high school basketball program of all time in city and giving flowers to two of the OGs of the game for Toronto WNBA / NBA players in Jamaal Magloire and Tammy Sutton-Brown. 


Now, it can’t all be positive, lol… and it’s not Woods and Iggy saying some outrageous stuff on the show, and I call them out on the regular in our group chat. But you gotta check it out. It’s a great show to put on and just enjoy! 

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