April 14, 2023

The Powell's Reach 100K Subscribers

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By Trish Arab

Last month, Asafa and Alyshia Powell reached a major milestone - hitting 100K subscribers - and we here at Tidal League couldn’t be any happier.  It has been incredible to get to see first hand how this power couple have grown and built around them an empowering and diverse community – the “Powell Posse.”


To reach such levels in such a short time, shows not only the reach the Powell’s have, but more so, how inspiring they are to so many.  We have also been blessed to see the people they surround themselves with, and who share in their mission for inclusion and positivity. Some of the highlights have been these friends and guests, people like Usain Bolt and Elaine Thompson, as well as the real and dynamic conversations the couple have with each other.  Finding their truth in their power is something we all strive for.


Thank you Asafa and Alyshia for allowing us to be on this journey with you and for choosing our platform to share your message.


Listen to the 100K episode here