December 5, 2023
Keegan Poulton

The NFL MVP Race (1 minute read)

Probably the greatest individual honour in the NFL is to be declared the MVP when the season is all said and done. Going into this year, multiple names were thrown around, and after the first couple of weeks, everything seemed to change. Players like Patrick Mahomes, Josh Allen, Aaron Rodgers and Jalen Hurts were clear favourites early in the preseason, but now that we are deep into the NFL season, others are starting to emerge.

When the NFL season started, did anyone expect Brock Purdy to be a frontrunner for MVP? "Mr. Irrelevant" from the 2022 NFL draft has truly made a name for himself and has proven why he is not only just a franchise quarterback but quite possibly the best in the league in his position this year. For many, he was the only question mark for the stacked 49ers roster, but he consistently performs at the highest level game after game. People will continue to doubt Purdy, but if he can go out and win an MVP and possibly a Super Bowl, the haters won't have much to use against him.

A Quarterback usually wins the MVP Award, but there are a couple of players trying to force the hand of voters to look outside of the position. Both Tyreek Hill and Christian McCaffrey are having incredible years, but can they do enough to put themselves above the QBs? Both of these guys are at the top of their games, and nobody can deny the impact they have made for their teams, but remember, the last non-QB NFL MVP was Adrian Peterson back in 2012… I'm not sure if this year will be the year, but these two deserve recognition.