April 16, 2024
Tiffany Jennings

The Knicks and The Worlds Most Famous Arena (1 minute read)

The New York Knicks are absolutely crushing this season, they are heading into the playoffs as the second seed in the Eastern Conference after securing the win against the Chicago Bulls in the final regular season game. It was a close game, but the Knicks were able to lock up the win in OT, Jalen Brunson really showed up this game with a dazzling 40 pts. Will we see him get his first all-NBA selection this year?

Although I enjoyed watching the final game of the season, it was nothing like attending a Knicks game in person. A few weeks ago, I got to experience my first Knicks game at Madison Square Garden. Let me tell you, it is probably one of the best sporting events I have been to. The arena, the fans, the game, the whole experience was a 10/10.  

The arena was like no other; from the time I walked through the doors, it was just organized chaos in the best way possible. Once I was in the arena, I really understood why MGS is considered "The World's Most Famous Arena." I felt like I was in a theatre, with the lights directly on the court and the rest of the arena dimmed; you were ready to watch the show that was about to unfold.

I must say, the fans are what made this experience what it was. It's safe to say that the Knicks fans really know how to show up. The whole arena was just a sea of orange and blue; I even made sure I had my Knicks gear on. The uplifting support that the fans gave the team was incredible to see.

I think I might have left the game as a Knicks Fan… Shhh, don't tell Kurt.

The Knicks Vs. The Nets were a fun game to watch. Mikal Bridges and Cam Thomas were both holding it down for Brooklyn, but the star of the show was Donte DiVincenzo on the Knicks, finishing the game with 31 pts and six rebounds. The whole team really played well, with a 105-93 win over the Nets. Overall, the experience I had attending a Knick game at MSG was one I will remember.

As we head into the playoffs, the Knicks have a well-deserved break while we wait to see who they will be playing after the play-in games are complete. Will we see a Knicks Vs? Heat, or maybe Knicks Vs. Bulls? We shall see who makes it through.

I am excited to follow along and cheer on my new team! Who knows, maybe I can convince Kurt to go to a Kicks playoff game… wish me luck.