June 28, 2023

The Journey to 5 June 26, 2018 to June 26, 2023

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By Kurt Benson

Deep breath…. over the last few months this day has been something that I’ve spoken about almost daily, something that our team should all be extremely proud of. When I started Tidal League “5” years ago, it was merely an idea to surround myself around “hoop”. There was no map or blueprint to building a business from scratch, let alone a global media network. I knew that regardless of the outcome it would be perseverance and resiliency paired with incredible teammates that would drive us forward.

The journey to “5” has been special, but has also come with its fair share of challenges; ever wonder why “9” out of every “10” start-ups fail? 

This journey requires sacrifice, hard work, agility, and purpose; something that our team fully embodies. We are not here because it’s easy or because of the paycheck, we are here because of our passion to create, storytell, and lead. We are united in both vision and purpose, and I couldn’t be prouder to be alongside the amazing people who move Tidal League forward. 

Throughout the journey, there have been moments where I’ve just wanted to quit. Some of the hardest and most lonely moments of my life came during this journey, I learned how far my mind and body could be pushed. Entrepreneurship can be dark at times, but it was times like this when the incredible teammates around me supported and picked me up. We don’t get to “5” by being lucky, we get here because we believe in each other.

Today, Tidal League is a global media network that has reached hundreds of millions of people around the world and after this year we will surpass a billion people reached…. take that in, the content Tidal League creates has been seen by almost a billion people! Whether it’s an NBA athlete, decorated Olympian, business mogul, or the next generational storyteller WE continue to lead in a big way. From the Gen-Z who watch us on Snapchat or TikTok to the Baby Boomer who reads about us in the news, Tidal League isn’t just disrupting media we are leading.

Our team is truly trailblazing a new path, disrupting the way media is done, and truly creating with freedom and autonomy. 

We celebrate our team today, we celebrate our creators today, we celebrate our shareholders today, and we celebrate our fans today! The journey towards the next “5” has begun, it’s time to elevate and evolve. 

Happy Birthday Tidal League – We Got Now!