May 22, 2024
Trish Arab

The Cursed Toronto Blue Jays (1 minute read)

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It's truly disheartening to see our team falter so early in the baseball season. I've always been reluctant to lay all the blame on the GM for a team's issues, but I'm starting to question whether John Schneider's decision making is the root cause of our struggles.

This has been a season that when our bats are hot, our bullpen, can't pull through.   When the pitching is perfect, we can't get a hit. And when the offence and defence are on fire, we can't close and end up losing it all.  

It would be one thing if we had a bad team, or what we like to call were in a "building" year, but that isn't where this team is. These are talented players, few injuries to blame, too many with tons of experience to lean on, and a coaching staff that has the knowledge and the love for the franchise (looking at you, Cito Gaston). Everything looks great on paper, but it's not being executed for some reason.

This is where the Schneider theory has to be brought up—if things are good on paper and they aren't working out, it's usually the fault of the person putting all the pieces together who seems to never be able to reach that big-picture strategy.