October 5, 2023
Trish Arab

The Agony and Ecstasy of Being and Blue Jays Fan (2 minute read)

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Last night marked the final game of the Blue Jays 2023 season and the third time in as many years that the team has made it to the post-season, only to be swept in the wildcard matchup.  

The M.O. of being a Blue Jays fan is pretty consistent these days.  We start off really strong, have a bit of a slump near the All-Star break, and then somehow manage to eek out enough wins to get us into "October Baseball," only to fall terribly short once we get there.

I've written on here before about why baseball means so much to me, so on the day after our final game, I am left feeling sad, not because my team didn't make it (honestly, they shouldn't even have gotten into the post-season with how terribly they have been playing this whole month) but because another season of baseball is over, and I'm left with little connection to the sport until Spring training starts up again in March.

The off-season will be the source of a lot of drama for the Blue Jays head office.  There is something extremely off which a team that spends as much money as they do can't seem to figure their s*it out.  When the bullpen is solid, we can't hit, and when our hitting is on fire, the bullpen falls apart.  It's also strange that players who are amazing before coming to Toronto end up falling short or having "off seasons" when they get here (either to go off to retirement or win a World Series with the next team they play for).

Is Toronto baseball cursed?  Is it all John Schneider's fault?  He'll take the blame, but if you ask me, the front office must go.  If this team can ever make it back to a World Series, something needs to give.  God knows the American media don't care about Toronto win or lose.  Reading articles from the Athletic and ESPN put the team as a footnote only when they are forced to write about them.  Any coverage they do get isn't very favourable, and we know that it's the MLB's worst nightmare to have the Canadian team advance (the sport is dying enough as it is; they don't need half of our audience disappearing without an American team).  

So with all of these decks stacked against us, Blue Jays fans are left to feel hopeful for change and less disappointment in 2024 and for this Blue Jay fan, left to be chirped at by the two obnoxious Phillies fans in her life.