May 1, 2023

That's a Wrap: LeagueBiz Season One (1 minute read)

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By Trish Arab

Last week our highly anticipated project in partnership with SLAM Media, "League Biz" wrapped up it's first season after featuring some of the most talented people currently involved in the National Basketball Association off of the court.

Folks like Mark Starkey, Morgan Cato, Tyrel Kirkham, Pops Mensah-Bonsu, Lisle Bowen, Alexys Feaster and the legendary Tracy McGrady.

I think what this project started out as, and what it evolved into were two different things. The team succeeded in their goal of providing a platform to recognize the many aspects of the NBA beyond playing basketball, but it also became a place to raise awareness of the difficulties faced by BIPOC people who are not athletes.

A message was sent: if you are a person of colour, the only role available to you is on the court. All other doors are closed. Like in many other professions the difference between men and women is even greater - if you're a woman the door slams twice as hard.

That is a common theme among the guests that sat down with host Denis Boateng. To his credit, he created an atmosphere for an authentic and sincere conversation, and still kept it entertaining.

On top of being informative, powerful and entertaining, League Biz Season 1 did something else - it made me very excited for Season 2.