May 23, 2023

Terance Mann gets Tatted in LA (2 minute read)

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By Trish Arab

Los Angeles Clippers shooter Terance Mann is in the chair and talking all things inked with Matt Mangano in this third episode of "Sessions."

From the jump of this authentic conversation between Matt and Terance, we hear the inspiration and process of what goes into the designs Terance looks for. "I think of it almost like a puzzle," he tells our host. "Putting pieces together that make sense and that matter to you."

I've never been one to understand people whose entire bodies are a canvas for tattoos. I don't have any bias towards them and have always respected getting tattooed as a way to express self and individuality, but I couldn't get behind leaving no space on your body uncovered in ink. Personal preference, I'm not too fond of clutter or too many things in a room, so I would always equate my sense of style to tattoos (less is more). Hearing the simple thought process of Terance's tattoos being a puzzle made it click for me (almost like pieces of a puzzle coming together), and just like "that," Terance Mann changed my mind—every image, connecting to the other, telling the story of that individual. Our stories aren't simple and uncluttered, so our ink shouldn't necessarily be either.

Terance talks about what draft night felt like at Barclay's Center in 2019 (long and freezing up in the stands) " like pick 35 people were ready to go home." We hear about Terance's start and Tattoo Artist Cameron Baxter's start in this business. The guys talk about the idea of what it means to be successful either in the NBA or when you start having NBA players as clients and what reality actually looks like.

This episode has a lot of exciting reveals and looks into Terance's life, but the biggest for me is that Terance did not want to be tattooed at all not so long ago. This attitude remained until some meaningful experiences and losses happened in his life, and Terance looked for ways to make meaning out of them. Tattoos became that for him. Tattoos started to take shape and form the complicated and beautiful journey of Terance Mann's life. This episode of "Sessions" made me appreciate the power of tattoos and the passion of this basketball player.

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