June 16, 2023

"Surfing the Seas" NBA Finals (1 minute read)

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By Trish Arab

"Surfing the Seas" NBA Finals experience "was a movie, like the kids say, a feature film," says host and personality Jordan Sodhi.  "Pure excitement" getting the opportunity to travel to Denver and Miami to interview fans on the ground and produce content that Tidal League fans have been getting used to since "Surfing the Seas" began.

The reception in Denver for Game 2 didn't go as expected - after struggling to find the right location for all the fans, they were pointed to McGregor Square, a paid outdoor venue.  With commotion and excitement, they started filming started chatting with fans, and even though they cleared their presence with security along the way, they were very quickly asked to put their camera and mic away.  Would this stop our terrific twosome?  No way; who needs a camera and mic when you have your phones? 

Let's point out the obvious; nothing will stop Jordan Sodhi and Devante Browne.

After a second day in Denver, the guys jump on another plane and head to Miami.  They head to the arena and see a sea of white - they start chatting with fans, and with five minutes left in the fourth quarter, everyone starts flooding out - the Miami fans are depressed; they do not want to talk, so what does Jordan do?  He turns it into a therapy session - "Start talking to us about how you feel..."

Sitting down to listen to this first-hand account of the incredible experience our "Surfing the Seas" team had was as entertaining and memorable as their content is.   I felt like I was with them every step of the way.

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