April 20, 2023

Super Mario Brothers Movie "Let's a Go!"

Mario, Princess Peach go on a new adventure in the animated film, Super Mario Brothers

By Hong Lau


So we typically as a team try to do some team bonding once a month or so. Typically that relates to a movie (Sorry Trish my fault I forgot about you on this one).

April’s was a film starring the only plumber you can trust; Super Mario!

An animated film featuring the voices of some of the funniest out there like; Keegan Michael Key, Chris Pratt and Charlie Day. Man, when I tell you that this feature film was nostalgic and an absolute joy to watch, it’s probably an understatement (we don't care what score it gets on rotten tomatoes) Also a must see in the movie theater, if you want the full experience.

Here's what some of our team thought:

"A lovely film, which I found to be a breath of nostalgic fresh air" - Peter Calder

“Great flick! Brought back some childhood memories” - Keegan Poulton

I personally think the filmmakers did an incredible job to bring Mario to life unlike the live Super Mario Bros movie adaptation over 20 years ago (that recently got a bit of redemption thanks to Quentin Tarantino) I found myself rooting for Toad (the OG!), enamoured with Peach (voice of Anya Taylor Joy) and even enjoying the dreaded villain Bowser (the brilliant Jack Black). Not to mention we got special cameos from Yoshi, Donkey Kong, and DIDDY KONG!!!

The way they incorporated the universe of Mario , from the style he fought DK, running through the “game” to get to Princess Peach, and even using all the authentic sounds really made me feel like I was 8 year old again and playing Super Nintendo or N64.


Solid 8.5/10 if I’m using my head

10/10 using my heart!