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June 5, 2023

Spanish Grand Prix (2 miute read)

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By Hong Lau

That’s another week in the books for Formula 1.

My first thought that comes to mind with the Spanish Grand Prix is; I thoroughly enjoyed the whole weekend.

F1 made some changes to the track this year and made it “fast.” It was a great decision on their part. The entire qualifying session and the race on Sunday were a lot of fun.

As we head into a small break (this was a triple header), there were obviously some big takeaways this weekend. First off is that Max Verstappen is on another planet. He is making Sergio Perez look like a junior driver. That’s 4 wins on the season for Max; I’m curious to see if he breaks his records of wins in an entire season from last year this season.

I’m not even going to speak about Charles Leclerc with Ferrari, as we have continued to live up as the punch line of the grid. Lando Norris had an outstanding qualifying and messed up his whole weekend during Lap 1 of the race. Zhou and Yuki had a strong showing, even if Yuki got a penalty.

Mercedes Car has me encouraged for a team that has redesigned and come back to the drawing board after a disaster of a car. They’ve done a great job bouncing back. This car was only down about a .4 per lap as opposed to the usual 1 second, and they still haven’t got a chance to break down the car and add what it needs. It also doesn’t have its correct chassis and front end; we’ll have to wait until 2024.

Lewis Hamilton and George Russell looked very strong this weekend, reaffirming my confidence that they are the best driver pairing on the grid in 2023.

As my closing statement for the blog… I found it an exciting tactic, too, as how Toto Wolff put the life model of the W13 in the middle of their facility to motivate the team. It’s a winning team, to begin with, so I think losing, to start with, doesn’t sit well, and it seemed a little harsh (some people may not take well to it). Now it wouldn’t bother me; I would be motivated to return to the mountaintop.

Well, until the next race, my friends!