January 29, 2024
Hong Lau

So Far this Season on "Run Your Race" with Theo Pinson (1 minute read)

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We are in full swing for yet another NBA season, and the show must continue. We haven't written an article on the show in a while, and I feel like you guys have missed out on some incredible episodes!

For one, Naz Reid's soft-spoken nature definitely doesn't match his play on the court. Naz is known for looking for contact and is a player who doesn't "duck the smoke." His sit down with Theo was a great insight into what helped shape Naz's mentality and how his journey has led him to where he is today. His attitude was in question for a lot of his amateur career, but the one thing that always stuck was his ability to fight through the noise and adversity. He's always felt like it was just another obstacle to overcome, and that led him to a massive NBA contract last year. It really made me enjoy Naz more as a player and a human and root for him. He went from undrafted as a top recruit of his high school class to a 42 million-dollar contract…. Big kudos to him.

As a Warriors fan, I was in for a treat as we had a chance to sit down with Jordan Bell. Jordan Bell has also had quite the journey himself, which I encourage everyone to listen to as well. If I'm being honest and biased at the same time, Run Your Race, along with Theo and AJ, do a great job just getting to hear the journeys of these players and what obstacles moulded them to be the people they are today. Jordan had to leave home and live with another family as a teenager to get to Oregon and eventually be a key piece of that program for multiple years. He also faced some of his most challenging moments, as he would describe "losing a national championship" for his team single-handedly missing two box outs. Then he plays for arguably the greatest team of all time in the 2017-2018 Golden State Warriors. He provides some valuable insight into what it's like actually playing for such an incredible team with huge expectations.

You get to hear what it's like being teammates with the media's proclaimed selfless superstar, Stephen Curry, to the media's proclaimed villain, Draymond Green. You really can't make this stuff up, and it honestly makes for an incredible listen for any basketball fan.

I hope you guys tap in and listen to the two episodes. They really are great listeners between the insight and overall entertainment value… you can't lose!