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August 16, 2023
Pen Moodz

Sharky and SDS join Toronto FC (2 minute read)

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By Pen Moodz

Yes, you read that title right.  Man, like Sharky, rolled through to the 6ix for the August long weekend, and boy, it was special.  His energy and character are as genuine and special as you see and feel on screen.  Amplifying his aura were his two brothers in commentary – Liban and Lyes.  The SDS boys moved like Barca’s attacking trio of Messi, Neymar and Suarez through the streets of the city, flocked by fans of both Shark Nation and SDS wherever they set foot.

Let’s take a few steps back. 

Once Sharky sent the SDS green to the sky for all to see, I knew that signal only meant one thing; we were about to shoot a movie. 

So, I recruited the most outstanding team in the city to ensure the magic was captured.  Enter our favourite Surfin the Sea squad of Jordan and Devante.  We also had an additional TL member join the festivities; Queen Soph, our head of photography and fellow Brit. 

As you know, all great films require great stories, so I dug into the Rolodex and hit my friends at TFC to curate an experience with our beloved TFC Reds.  Big love to TFC Prez Bill Manning for orchestrating something we will never forget.  Through him, Alejandra, Nikk and Brook, the SDS boys were welcomed into the home of our first team and given the red-carpet treatment.

From a full tour of the BMO training ground facility and some interviews interspersed between Sharky signing his first pro-MLS contract, there are many moments to speak of.  However, nothing was more significant than watching our first team’s skill work through training to become the best versions of Toronto Football.  The pace Jahkeel Marshall moves with is mind-blowing.  What a talent and indication of the future this city has to look forward to.

I know what y’all are thinking, though.  Did we ping any worldies with the boys?!  OF COURSE!  The itch of showcasing our skill set was bursting amongst us all, so we had to step onto the training pitch and test the hands of one of the most-skilled keepers in our city, who also happens to be our Surfin Host – Jordan Sodhi.  Poor guy wasn’t ready for the fury we were about to unleash.  To be fair, neither was Devante.  LOL Lyes, you’re a dawg for how you megged him in our one-touch warm-up.  Sharky thought he was Roberto Carlos with how he curved his kick over the hands of a soaring Jordan.  Liban, the epitome of cool, strolled over to the ball and followed suit with a Cristiano display of finishing.  You know it was a vibe when the whole gang hit the SUIIIII!!!

Our screams of celebration attracted TFC’s junior team to flood the pitch with excitement.  Overjoyed that Sharky and crew were in the building, they, too, took to the contest to showcase what they were about.  And put on a show they did.  Nothing will compare to our little bro Julian’s SCREAMER of a free-kick.  Smacking the left post and burying its way into the back of the net sent us all into a frenzy.  So much so that I lost my composure and ran over Queen Soph, who was filming the entire ordeal.  LOL, I’m so sorry, Soph!!!

Suffice it to say our love for TFC runs deeper than ever.  We all walked away with our hearts full.  The beautiful game is indeed beautiful.  For the competition, it brings out of us and the relationships it brings into us.

Check the highlights of the day here and the latest SDS pod that speaks to some of the moments experienced in Toronto here.

SDS also just launched their Twitter page, so go drop them a follow so we can continue our cross-pond collaborations with the biggest football podcast in Europe!  And to make sure you are always in the know of what’s happening here at Tidal League and know ahead about any of our upcoming collabs, subscribe to our weekly newsletter here

SDS, TFC and Tidal League to the moon!

Peace and Love.