August 10, 2023

Sanity in a World of Fast Content (1 minute read)

By Sophia Rooke

I heard something earlier this week which really made me sit down and think - perhaps even with a noticeable amount of anxiety. As content creators, we can spend countless hours making a clip no longer than a minute, only for it to be forgotten after it's been scrolled over. If it's even watched in the first place. 

Once you take a deeper look into this idea, it gets quite intense. We've heard about the impact social media and content has on consumers but what about the effects on those responsible for putting the content together in the first place. Don't get me wrong, whether you're working for a tech company, the social media department of a 9-5 or even self employment, content creation is a particularly exciting job. However, you only realise the role fast content takes on your physical and mental wellbeing once you take a step back. Being on top of the next story or the next clip daily can leave your brain in a constant state of hyper awareness and over stimulation. 

But I do believe in prioritising your own sanity. Creators as well as consumers all become wrapped up, perhaps even more passively than we would like to realise. It’s evident that instead of the conventional way of viewing the world, the majority of us ventured down a different route in which we have become preoccupied with the world behind our phone screens. Sometimes it’s important to direct yourself back to convention. Maintain your sanity in a world so consumed with follows and views and short snippets of information lasting no longer than 60 seconds, find ways that make you happy outside of technology and don’t feel the need to post about it. 

As difficult as it seems to step away and as easy as it is to access everything the world has to offer through a social media account, the feeling of being able to tell the story first hand will be 

much more fulfilling than explaining “I saw someone post about this the other day”.