September 28, 2023
Kurt Benson

Ready, Set, Go with Justin Gatlin and Coach Gary Evans (1 minute read)

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I just returned from Orlando, Florida, with Justin Gatlin, the world’s most decorated sprinter. Collaborating with greatness is never taken for granted, and when I have the chance to be around an individual like Justin, I ensure it’s purposeful. Justin’s story is one of resilience and triumph, from his early success in winning the 100M Gold Medal at the 2004 Olympics in Athens to dethroning Usain Bolt in 2017.

Spending time with him throughout our partnership has taught me that discipline and focus are essential to greatness. Although he may not be competing on the track today, he’s still competing at life, and through “Ready, Set, Go,” he can invite so many of us into his world.

This past week, we spoke with up-and-coming boxer Jonathan “La Roca” Lopez and iconic track and field coach Gary Evans.

As Justin and Rodney sat down with Jonathan Lopez and his father, you could immediately feel the connection between Jonathan’s dad, Rodney, and Justin—all fathers guiding their children through this game of life. We learn about Jonathan’s family’s sacrifice to get him to this point as a professional boxer with a 12-0 record. His father gets into the realities of the sport and, as his trainer, is responsible for sending his son into the ring. Now dubbed “Geo La Roca” and signed to the Canelo team, Jonathan’s career shines brighter than ever.

Ready, Set, Go takes us from athlete to coach in the same week as Justin and Rodney sat down with legendary track and field coach Gary Evans. This conversation is for track and field purists. We hear about the sport’s highs and lows, why it’s still considered an amateur sport and the stronghold shoe companies have when it comes to athletes’ careers. Coach Evans has been through it all, and now, having gone out on his own, he’s rebuilt his portfolio without any alliance with the shoe companies.

As we gear up for Paris 2024, we can expect records to be broken!