April 17, 2024
Hong Lau

Raymond Felton joins "Run Your Race" (1 minute read)

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It’s been a while since we’ve written a Run Your Race blog, and it’s only right that we do it in fashion with another Tar Heel and National Champion of the 2005 team Raymond Felton.

I remember growing up watching Raymond and his team with quite a bit of disdain for them 😂. I’m a huge Duke fan because of JJ Redick, and I can tell you I used to hate the Tar Heels. As I’ve grown, that has changed quite a bit due to working with Theo and understanding that there is really more respect between the two schools than hatred. There have been some great battles in that rivalry, so respect to all players on both sides. But man, Raymond was a special player for UNC and played 14 years in the NBA. The more time I spend with Theo and the NBA universe, the more I learn how rare it is to get 10+ years in the NBA.

Raymond was quite open in this interview (as all guests are on Run Your Race); he talked about what it was like winning the national championship and having a very honest conversation with Coach Roy Williams the year before they won the national championship.

We had to address his “problem/issue” with his former teammate, Rashad McCants. Rashad has been throwing shots at Raymond, his teammate and coach, for many years. Raymond addresses it this one time (insert link somewhere) and leaves it at that.

Make sure you listen to the episode with Raymond Felton cause you learn about his welcome to the NBA moment featuring Shaq which was hilarious, he also claims that Carmelo Anthony is the greatest scorer in NBA history and talks about what it’s actually like to play for the New York Knicks.