October 9, 2023
Hong Lau

Qatar Grand Prix Losail Circuit (1 minute read)

Mario, Princess Peach go on a new adventure in the animated film, Super Mario Brothers

Another weekend down in the F1 2023 season, and it’s about time we officially crowned Max Verstappen the world champion for this year. It pretty much hasn’t been a contest since after the first six races of the season.

I don’t think a soul in the world thought Sergio Perez would actually beat Max in the same equipment for a consistent year. Max also beat the curse for the past couple of years, where the person who wins the season’s first race doesn’t win the championship. It’s a testament to how great Max is. I’ve said it multiple times this year. He’s the best driver on the planet. I expect Red Bull and Max to pull off the four-peat next year, as their car is just miles ahead of everyone else. 

The Ferrari curse continues lol we can leave it at that. After a couple of strong showings in the past couple of races, they fell back to the mean and had some issues. I am curious to see how they come out in Austin. Their car has for sure made some strides over the last two months. 

Let’s start by saying in the heat of the moment, I first thought it was Lewis’ fault heading into the first turn. Unfortunately, Lewis made such a massive error on a track where their car had some serious pace. Lewis was on softs, so I get he was eager to make the move/decision to attack and get ahead early. He ended up costing his team a bunch of points for his DNF and because he crashed into his teammate and had George from the back of the grid after having to pit. I thought it could have turned into a bigger problem, but it seems both drivers have moved past it based on social media. After rewatching it, Lewis did admit it was his fault, which was a good move. In the thick of it, he thought George was at fault. I wonder if we’ll see Mercedes win a single race this year. We were treated with a phenomenal drive by George in Brazil last year, so let’s hope for one during the home stretch. 


  •  I thought McLaren looked good. I was happy with the progress but not happy with the call that they didn’t want to let Lando and Oscar battle for second.
  • Aston Martin has some serious decisions on Lance Stroll if they want to be taken seriously by the F1 world. 
  • The racing conditions were considered unsafe and beyond the limits (as per Lando, Ocon and other drivers). Still, it was very interesting why every other driver can complete it, but Logan Sergeant had to tap out.

We’ll see you in Austin! Excited for that one!