February 10, 2023
Trish Arab

Patrick T. Cooper Joins Survival of the Fitted

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By Trish Arab

Patrick T. Cooper is a renowned fashion and lifestyle expert who has styled some of the biggest celebrities and athletes worldwide. Recently, he made an appearance on the podcast "Survival of the Fitted" to discuss his insights on the fashion industry, personal style, and experience working with high-profile clients. After this episode though, he  should add comedian to his already long list of accomplishments.

The stylist co-signed by Lenny Kravitz joins LeagueFits own Ian Pierno to talk all things fashion, but manages to make lessons in what not to wear into side splitting entertainment. No topic is off limits, and no "Celebrity" stylist is off the hook in this interview (even Papi Pierno himself) as the duo go through looks that should be on the GQ best dressed list and others that should be stamped R.I.P. We are talking fashion people and I am here for it.

But let's be serious for a second, Patrick has dressed some of the biggest stars out there - from actors on the red carpet of the Oscars, to athlete's against the elegant black and white backdrop of the ESPYs. Known for his ability to create unique and stylish looks that showcase each person's personality and individuality he has styled some of the hottest names in Hollywood from Tyra Banks to Jordin Sparks and some of the most famous stars in the NBA including Dwyane Wade, Russell Westbrook, and James Harden.

Patrick shared his thoughts on the importance of personal style, the impact of social media on fashion, and his creative process for working with clients. He also explained that as a stylist for celebrities and athletes his priority is creating unique and functional looks that showcase individual personalities. He also gave our host and other up-and-coming stylists some tips on how to break into the industry.

If you loved this episode as much as I did you should check out Patrick's show "Coming out the Closet" here on the Tidal League Network, every episode is a gem - but until then, skip over to around the 23 minute mark of this episode to here Patrick's thoughts on 2022 NFL draft pick Garrett Wilson's draft night fit - it will not disappoint.

"Survival of the Fitted" is the first-ever basketball podcast that doesn't really analyze basketball (at least on the court at all). The boys that bring the NBA's best tunnel looks to your Instagram feed via @LeagueFits each day are talking basketball fashion, Southern California shenanigans and much, much more.

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