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August 23, 2023

"Oppenheimer" Review - a Team Divided (2 minute read)

Recently our team watched the critically acclaimed and much-anticipated movie of the summer, “Oppenheimer,” directed by the legendary Christopher Nolan.  What was hyped as the cinematic masterpiece of the summer left our team divided and showed a fun glimpse into each of our personalities when we broke down what we liked (or didn’t like) about this feature film.

This might be the most overrated movie of all time nonetheless Oscar Bait” ~ Hong.

It was a cinematic masterpiece in terms of technical and production value, but the plot was hard to follow, and character development was missing.  The editing, in my opinion, was terrible, and the music just felt like overkill.

Oppenheimer fell flat” ~ Kurt.

As someone who didn’t know the history behind this story, I went into the film expecting great storytelling.  Ultimately, it felt like the film never really started, and I left feeling more confused than entertained.

The movie had its fair share of exciting moments but also many confusing moments.”  ~ Keegan.

I truly didn’t know what to expect when walking into the theatre.  Visually, it was a good watch, but the storyline was sometimes tough to follow.  The plot was convoluted, and even though it was a star-studded cast, many of the characters didn’t play a role in building up the plot.

Oppenheimer was a fantastic experience.” ~Peter.

Pushing back attention from the star-studded cast, I enjoyed all aspects of the film.  The cinematography and sound design brought the viewer right into the room of all the scenes, rebounding the feelings of the characters onto the viewer.  The story and themes rocked you, covering extreme lengths of ethical and political outcomes.  Overall I enjoyed every aspect of this beautiful three-hour roller coaster.

Oppenheimer dazzles beyond its flaws.” ~Will.

The biographical nature of the film anchors Nolan from straying into his usual frustratingly abstract territory.  Technical mastery, great performances, and thoughtful timeline-weaving keep the film engaging throughout its three-hour runtime.  Its harrowing latter half outshines the main spectacle of the explosion, even if it eventually finds itself stumbling to a clunky finish.

Oppenheimer does not live up to the hype.” ~Trish.

Once again, Christopher Nolan proves he knows nothing about women - was there a particular reason why Florence Pugh was topless the whole time?  In all fairness, it was the only way to tell her character apart from Emily Blunts (and from every other female character he has ever written).  

For a movie that made my ears bleed, it was so loud (I watched it in IMAX) I couldn’t hear a word anyone was saying (another typical style of Nolans who refuses to re-record audio).  This movie was an hour too long, and it took what should have been an interesting story and completely complicated it.  After watching both “Oppenheimer” and “Barbie,” I can honestly say being released on the same day was a blessing for the former because if it weren’t tied to the megahit that was the “Barbie” movie this summer, this film wouldn’t have made it past week one.  

Chris Nolan is a great director and responsible for some of my favourite movies, but he bit off way more than he could chew with this one, and his usual style made the whole thing fall very flat.

A huge disappointment.