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July 28, 2023

Transformers: Rise of the Beasts - Nostalgic for the OGs (1 minute read)

Mario, Princess Peach go on a new adventure in the animated film, Super Mario Brothers

By Hong Lau

As an individual that watched a lot of TV and would consider themselves cultured of the late 90s and early 2000s, Transformers: Rise of the Beasts is a must-watch if you were a fan of the series “Transformers: Beast Wars.” I grew up as a massive fan of Cheetor, Rat Trap and Depth Charge. Now I know we see Cheetor even though he played a minor role, but NO RAT TRAP? I think everyone can agree that Rat Trap was the HOMIE and carried a lot of the humour and comedy of the TV Show. Here’s to hoping there is a sequel so we can have some of the most crucial characters we grew up with join the series.

I think the series became a bit stale with Michael Bay behind the wheel, but for all Transformers fans, I think you’re locked in enjoying every moment of it. His time ran its course, and now we are onto a new era of the Transformers era. I must admit I never watched Bumblebee’s movie, which is on my list now. It’s cool to see them working and releasing films that are prequels to the 2007 smash hit of the original box office hit Transformers with Megan Fox and Shia Labeouf.

It was cool to see the storyline loosely based on the TV Show. What was weird was that there was an Optimus Prime and then an Optimus Primal.   I don’t remember it like that, but hey, this was almost 20 years ago. Michelle Yeoh does an incredible job with her sultry subtitling voice bringing a sense of ease and calm to the movie. Pete Davison playing Mirage was downright hilarious. It was cool to see the bond that they try to replicate in every movie, whether it’s Noah and Mirage in this movie, Sam and Bumblebee in the next or Charlie and Bumblebee.

As standard for any Transformer movie, it was packed with action, some incredible CGI and a mediocre storyline. With all that being said, it’s a solid movie, a 3.88 out of 5 for me!