June 13, 2023

Noah Lyles, the heir apparent to Usain Bolt? (2 minute read)

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By Hong Lau

Today we got a treat for you on "Fast Lane Lifestyle". We have the fastest man to ever run the 200M in the United States, Mr. Noah Lyles joining. Some may even argue that the throne is his for the taking, as the golden age of sprinting has arguably ended.

We’ve said goodbye to legends such as Usain Bolt, Asafa Powell, Tyson Gay, Justin Gatlin, and Yohan Blake. It can only be said that one of the 5 fastest men ever in Asafa is sitting down with Noah just before dominating the win in Jamaica at the Racers Grand Prix, setting a time of 19.67, almost a full half second ahead of second place.

Noah first saw the podcast when Alyshia and Asafa embarked on their journey last year. We believe it was the episode where they discussed Asafa and Alyshia’s first encounter (it goes down in the DMS).

Noah contacted Asafa and said he’d love to join them on the podcast. If you don’t know Noah or aren’t familiar with his story, this is the podcast to tune into. He’s enormous on athlete empowerment and storytelling, which is why he has his own YouTube channel and puts a focus on media. It was a massive component for him to jump on the podcast due to the authentic nature of this platform.

Both Asafa and Noah refer to the ability to have a genuine conversation, which is rarely found in traditional media. FYI, we are swapping roles as Alyshia is sitting out this week!

On today’s episode, Noah gets into some topics about what was his childhood like growing up? Noah as a child had asthma, was dependent on medication and felt this was a huge factor in helping blossom his mentality today. A profound thing he referred to constantly was that just cause you to have one bad day or race doesn’t mean the rest will be like that. In my opinion, he’s so well-spoken and brings such great energy to the room.

Noah also dives into his training regime to stay on top and how he approaches each season. We also get to hear about Noah as a person, his love for fashion, anime and a lot more