May 19, 2023

NFL Draft 2023 (3 minute read)

By Keegan Poulton

This one is for all the football fans out there! A couple of weeks back, the 88th NFL draft occurred in Kansas City, Missouri. NFL fans across the globe tuned in to see the future of the league get their names selected. We were in for our fair share of surprises and draft-day storylines that only added to the excitement of the new season. 

Some of the biggest stories from the draft:

1. 3 Quarterbacks picked in the top 4 | Bryce Young, C.J. Stroud 

Often the face of the franchise, drafting a “Franchise Quarterback” can be one of the riskiest picks that set your franchise years behind. After moving up to the first overall pick through trade-in mid-march, the Carolina Panthers are confident they got their guy in Bryce Young. A Heisman winner and standout at Alabama, many are already predicting him to win Rookie of The Year. Young will be a day-one starter in a rejuvenated Carolina Offense.

Bryce Young’s close childhood friend and fellow quarterback, C.J. Stroud, was taken second overall by the Houston Texans. It’s safe to say that this Texans team needs a spark coming off a season that saw them possibly having the most lack-lustre offence in the NFL. A star at Ohio State, C.J. is praised for his throwing ability and high I.Q. He could have been selected first overall. I’m excited to see how C.J. transitions to pro football, where the game moves at a higher speed, and defenders can make quicker adjustments.

The Colts got their Quarterback of the future with the fourth overall pick. Anthony Richardson was the third Quarterback taken off the board, but he could be the most exciting player from this draft. The film says it all, this guy has the speed and arm strength to excel at the next level. Drawing comparisons to Lamar Jackson and Josh Allen, this young Q.B. out of Florida probably has the highest ceiling. 

2. Will Levis drops to Day 2 of the Draft

Highly touted Quarterback Will Levis out of Kentucky turned heads at the combine with his ridiculous arm strength. Drawing comparisons to Carson Wentz, which could be good or bad, Levis goes to a hungry Titans team looking to take some of the weight off Derrick Henry’s shoulders. It will be interesting to see where Levis fits in this Titans Q.B. room as they have last year’s starter Ryan Tannehill and a quarterback they took in Malik Willis last year. Currently, Levis is the 3rd stringer on this team, but this will be a story to watch if he can somehow push for that starting job. 

3. The Houston Texans Go All Out

The Houston Texans not only got C.J. Stroud, but they traded away four picks to move up in the draft to get the top-ranked defensive rookie, Will Anderson Jr. This is a team that is in full rebuild mode, and, understandably, they went all out to get the two players they wanted, but how will this impact them down the road? This combination of young stars could completely change the direction of this franchise, and it will be interesting to see if they have an impact immediately. 

Who to Keep Your Eye On: 

These three players may not be “sleepers” to become stars in the league because they were all drafted in the top 10, but I genuinely believe each will become a household name. 

Anthony Richardson: Just watch the film! This guy is just different!

Bijan Robinson: One of the best running backs we have seen drafted since Saquon Barkley. He will thrive in that run-first offence in Atlanta, even though he might split time with Tyler Allgeier and Cordarelle Patterson.

Jalen Carter: The Eagle’s defence will be scary with some players they have drafted and acquired. Expect Jalen to be an absolute beast and become one of the focal points of this defence. I’m surprised he dropped to 9th overall. 

For The Bills Fans:

As a Bills fan, I have to say I’m happy to see that Josh Allen got himself another offensive weapon in Dalton Kincaid. The first Tight-end taken off the draft board, he compliments this dangerous offence. Will the Dawson Know and Dalton Kincaid duo be the best in the league? Only time will tell. Go Bills!