June 22, 2023

NBA Draft 2023 (1 minute read)

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By Trish Arab

The 2023 NBA Draft  is here.  

This is a day that is etched in so many players (and their families) minds.  It's a day of promise, excitement, and sometimes heartbreak.

I've been with Tidal League from almost the very beginning when we were primarily focused on the NBA.  In every role I had, from a producer on "Court-side Moms" to host of "The Tidal League Podcast" to now working behind the scenes on most of the copy you see, NBA Draft Day has been a part of every person's origin story.  What they wore (long before Ian Pierno ranked them on LeagueFits), How they felt (sometimes really cold depending on where they sat you) and most importantly, who they shared the moment with?  This question has been asked to players, coaches, moms, and dads and is a constant in every player's career.

This year there are a few names high up on various draft boards, with the San Antonio Spurs having the first pick overall when they will all but certainly pick the French phenomenon Victor Wembanyama and people continue to debate over who the Charlotte Hornets will go with; Brandon Miller from Alabama or Scoot Henderson from the Ignite team.  

Regardless of whether you are chosen first, or 58, or not at all, draft day is a permanent end to one chapter in a basketball player's life and the beginning of the next; not to sound too corny, but I actually get chills thinking about it and although I have no personal connection to any of these players, and am not a fan to any of them just yet, I will happily celebrate and get tearily eyed as each name gets called and each dream begins.