July 18, 2023

NBA Champion Bruce Brown on "Run Your Race" (2 minute read)

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By Trish Arab

2023 NBA Champion "Brucie B" Bruce Brown of the Indiana Pacers is Theo's guest today, and the shade comes fast and furious between these two friends and doesn't let up.  This conversation had me laughing from minute one and messaging the team to say for the millionth time that Theo Pinson is one of my favourite creators (period, not just on the network).

Ok, let's take a look at Bruce Brown; how did he run his race to NBA Champion and a two-year $45 million contract?  To start, he's from my favourite city (and I agree, the best city, Boston, Massachusetts; hearing him talk about his hometown was like coming home for me too).  

We heard about Bruce's experiences in high school, particularly at Vermont Academy, a school in the middle of the woods, miles away from civilization.  During his time there, he focused on playing and perfecting his game, starting as a football player and pivoting to basketball as a second choice.  

What his college days were like in Miami, and his motivations for staying in the draft (possibly because he had no fashion sense, lol).  Anyone paying attention knows the amount of hard work and dedication needed to make it on the draft boards and into the NBA, but it still blows my mind a bit to hear the gruelling details and to think that 18-20 years olds are doing this insane amount of hard work.

Possibly my favourite question in this whole conversation asked by Theo was, "What was your welcome to the NBA moment?".  Especially since Bruce has two; one when he was first in Vegas with Blake Griffin and the team and then one that lasted the whole year when he had to guard "Cardiac Kemba" Walker and the intensity involved.

Brown played against many monsters in the League, but has been blessed to also play with many of them.  This conversation with Theo involves what Bruce has learned from giants like Kyrie Irving, Kevin Durant and Nikola Jokic and what he feels he has taught them.  The guys also have an authentic conversation about what it feels like to be traded and the total isolation a player feels when a team knows they are done with him.

From isolation to celebration - what these 2023 NBA Finals were like for Bruce, the feeling of victory, the meaning of it, and what goes through your mind when you are in a parade held in your honour?!  Things the average person (and many NBA players) can't even comprehend.

Finally, the episode ends on the highest note;  the details behind that two-year, $45 million contract and, the fact that, thankfully, Bruce didn't react as violently as Theo would have when he heard the news!

What did you think of today's episode?  Is Theo right?  Does he still have one up on Bruce because of his NCAA wins? Should Ty Sullivan call Theo and get him the bag in Free Agency?  

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Watch the full episode below: