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April 11, 2023

Luis Puertas joins "Ready Set Go" with Justin Gatlin

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By Trish Arab

An episode full of emotion this week on “Ready Set Go”.   Luis Puertas sits down with our hosts to discuss his journey from Veteran to Paralympian.  

Our veterans go into combat knowing they need to expect and be prepared for the worst, but what happens when the worst actually takes place? This was a reality faced by Luis Puertas. While doing a tour in Baghdad, Luis was involved in a horrific bombing. - the convoy he was riding in was hit by an explosive device, leaving him pinned underneath the armoured vehicle, with his life flashing before his eyes.

An accident that should have killed him, an accident that could have at the very least killed his spirit, instead left his body broken, and his future unknown. Luis lost both of his legs in this incident, something that for many would be unimaginable, especially for someone so young - Luis was only 20 years old.  Luis details his remarkable story of triumph over tragedy.  From the early days in hospital, the grief and loss he felt every day, to the motivation found in his young daughter to move forward and never give up.  

He got his start by running half marathons, (the army 10-mile) wearing his prosthetics, transitioned into sprinting and recounts his craziest race experiences, and competing the world championships.

Every day, every race, his sole motivation was his daughter who he would picture at the finish line, every step bringing him to her no matter how painful.  

To hear Luis’ full story, tap into “Ready Set Go” here.