April 18, 2023

"Lift and Coast" - F1 Week of April 17th

ferrari on the F1 grid with a sports car that's stealth makes them unbeatable

By Hong Lau

It has now been almost two weeks since we’ve had our last F1 race in the land down under. We over here at Tidal League (that being Kurt, Peter and I) are huge fans, but had a serious question; Why have a month long break only three races in, and then go from Azerbaijan to Miami in one week? That is a serious question we have as major F1 fans.

If I’m being honest it’s just kind of ridiculous to say “Carbon Neutral”.

To be frank, the only way I could see this making sense is for F1 in a developmental aspect. Teams are given three weeks to really buckle down and make the developments after the first three races. This would help, in theory, and allow teams to get better and make for better championship battles rather than wait for the summer break to make major adjustments - or it could do the opposite and have Red Bull just dominate even more.

Last part, is something we talked about  on our podcast "Lift & Coast" this week. Would anybody be surprised if Ferrari finished fourth in the constructors championship?

I first told Kurt there’s no way this happens, but as you start to think about it, it’s a real possibility. Now we do believe they have the second fastest car on the grid (single lap pace), but that race pace has been abysmal over the last 2 years. Aston Martin continues to look strong, I still have reservations about their development.

With Mercedes I have zero questions about their ability to develop a car, they are only going to continue to get better and be the clear cut second best team. Especially since they have the best driver duo, in my opinion, with Lewis Hamilton and George Russell.

We don’t even have to talk about Red Bull with by far one of the best sports cars we’ve ever seen on a grid. What a masterpiece that car has been with taylormade stealth, as a Ferrari fan it pains me to admit it. I also believe Max Verstappen is the best driver on the planet today, he always manages to find that sweet spot, which makes their case even crazier!

Listen to "Lift & Coast" here