March 16, 2023

League Biz Season 1 Episode 2 Presented by Bet Online

League Biz  Image

By Pen Moodz

LeagueBiz, Episode 2, The Speakeasy with Pops and Cam.

The LeagueBiz train is picking up speed. All-aboard and welcome to episode 2, blog post 2. But in order for you to gain entrance to this prestigious conversation, you must check your pockets for your ticket. And that’s when you will realize that no such thing exists, and the only way for you to get in is if you continue spreading the word about Tidal League.

So, tell a friend to tell a friend (about us) so we can inspire you to no end.

Similarly, that was the vibe heading into this very set. I was told to go downstairs to a restaurant, where the rest of the team was waiting. Upon arrival, I was met with the eyes of confused patrons as they watched me wander in a daze with a trolley of camera equipment. Front of house instinctively caught on to my look of lost and walked me with a grin to the back wall, lifted the paw of a glass Cheshire cat, and pushed a bookshelf that opened as a door into the hidden gem of a speakeasy, where two sapphires sat waiting to tell their story.

Enter Pops Mensah Bonsu aka the voice and Cameron Patterson aka the future - two dynamic individuals who sit at different spectrums of their respective careers. 

Pops, the extremely articulate and measured gentleman, is the exact archetype that you want to hear and learn from on this show. From Tottenham to the Mecca, Pops’ eyes were always set on sights larger. On this episode, we learned how he transformed his career as an NBA player to an executive, where he leads the New York Knicks’ G-League Affiliate team, the Westchester Knicks, as President. Now that’s growth personified.

On the other end, we have the future, Cameron Patterson, who also represents what LeagueBiz is all about. Drive, determination and the belief in oneself to do more, be more. Cam is an NBA agent and NIL representative at just 24 years old! Yes, don’t go back and re-read. I said 24! Hearing him speak, you can feel the stoic presence of the Mamba pulsing through him. His vision is clear, and soon his rolodex will be heavy. For our younger audience reading, use Cam as your North Star and take that leap for the biz in the same manner that he did:


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