December 6, 2022

Kemba Walker Just a Boy from the Bronx - Run Your Race

Connecticut Huskies Alum, first team All-American, 2011 NCAA championship Most Outstanding Player award winner, 9th overall NBA draft pick of 2011 and four-time NBA All-Star Kemba Walker joins our hosts Theo Pinson and AJ Richardson this week for a candid and fun conversation.  This man is a New York Legend, but it was in Charlotte, North Carolina that his playing career took off and franchise history was made.

As he settles in for this season as a Dallas Maverick, Kemba gives a behind the scenes look into his iconic March Madness run with the Huskies and what being a part of that team meant to him then, and now over a decade later.  Kemba pays homage to Brandon Jennings, and what it was like coming up just behind that kind of talent as he transitioned from high school to college.  When we look at the talent at the high school and NCAA level today, life is completely different, the ability to create a brand and a fan base through social media, didn’t exist for a college player when B. Jennings was coming, up, but Walker thinks that if it did, Jennings would have set the standard.  

They talk draft night, and what it meant for this kid from the Bronx to have Michael Jordan choose him personally.  “They traded up for me,” Walker explains “and everybody was saying that MJ did it.” A “crazy” situation to find yourself in as a teenager who has a pure love for the game – having “the GOAT” call you personally.  Walker puts it out there direct “that sh*t was crazy, like Black Jesus on the phone.”

“Cardiac Kemba” playfully defends his shooting skills, and why New York hoopers are just different. Walker opens up about why he chose the Boston Celtics, and the magic that got created when he teamed up with Jayson Tatum there, and of course a subject that can’t be ignored, the knee injury that has dogged him for most of his career.  

Run Your Race is the ultimate intersection of basketball and business. Theo and AJ will take their listeners on a journey through stories of tragedy and triumph while shedding light on how they both have been able to stay around the game they love.  These two lifelong friends bring their explosive dynamic centerstage thanks to their knowledge of the League and infectious energy.

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