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January 11, 2023
Trish Arab

Karl Anthony Towns Renaissance Man - Survival of the Fitted

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Minnesota Timberwolf, Karl Anthony Towns is best known for his spicy personality, his shots that seem to come from half court (winning him last year’s 3-point contest at the NBA All star weekend) and being one half of one of the biggest power couples in sports with Jordyn Woods.  This week though he sat down with Ian Pierno and Joe Williams, not to talk about what happens on the court, but to get into the style and swagger he brings off the court.  

They talk fits with a purpose, and why fashion is so important to athletes, where that relationship comes from and if the pressure of a 24/7 media spotlight thanks to his high profile relationship, does anything to motivate a movement. “Paparazzi you ain’t got no chance, they gonna catch you.  You could be mid bite..and like damn you gonna use that photo? You know I be lookin’ crazy…but I know I need to be looking good for her now, I can’t be out here making her look bad.” Towns says referring to high profile socialite girlfriend (and former best from of Kylie Jenner) Jordyn Woods.  KAT is on fire in this episode, leaving our guys in stitches as he relays a too crazy to be true story on what the paparazzi is willing to do to get their shot of our guy.

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