May 4, 2023

Jeremy Sochan gets Inked in Season 2 of "Sessions" (1 minute read)

By Sophia Rooke

Filming for Sessions season 2 has begun. Host Matt Mangano and I traveled to San Antonio, Texas to interview Spurs rookie Jeremy Sochan as he added more art to his growing sleeve.

Each one of Jeremy’s pieces has a meaningful story, symbolizing special parts of his life and journey. A journey which has seen him move through the close knit grassroots basketball scene of the UK, to his online recruitment process for Baylor, during the peak of the covid pandemic, and all the way to the NBA Draft of 2022.

During the 8.5 hour exclusive interview, Jeremy addressed much more than just the ink on his skin. He opened up about the truth behind this season’s viral moments which had the public likening him to Bulls legend Dennis Rodman.

He explained that Coach Pops is responsible for his one-armed free throws, and couldn’t have been further from the ‘clout chasing’ rhetoric causing mayhem on social media. As he gets inked, the power forward opens up, talking about his love of art and how this interest is intertwined deeply with his European roots - also how it has led to his use of hair dye as a unique method of self expression.

So, did Jeremy really dye his hair mid-game? Well, tune in when the next season of Sessions drops.