June 29, 2023

James Bouknight Gets Crazy Portrait Tattoo in Miami (2 minute read)

By Keegan Poulton

The final episode of Season 1 of “Sessions” dropped this week with James Bouknight of the Charlotte Hornets.

Bouknight linked up with Mark Johnson aka “Jeezy Tattoos” and our host Matt Mangano down in Miami for this one. You might recognize Jeezy from past episodes that featured some of his NBA clients, PJ Washington (Charlotte Hornets) and Garrison Mathews (Atlanta Hawks). On this episode the guys chopped it up about everything from first tattoos to Hornets basketball.

Matt Mangano: “How old were you when you got your first tattoo?”

James Bouknight: “I was probably like 15. It was like in the projects where I grew up. It was just like in an office over there. On some low key sh*t…”

Matt Mangano: “How much do you think you have spent on tattoos?”

James Bouknight: “I don’t know. No more than like $20k. It’s probably around $30k for real.

Here are some examples of the types of unique conversations that were had as Jeezy went to work on Bouknight’s leg sleeve. Not only did James Bouknight start getting tattoos at a young age, he has not slowed down. Truly addicted to the art, Bouknight could easily be recognized as one of the most tattooed players in the League over the next couple of years. He himself said he thinks he will catch up to John Wall in the tattoo game soon but he definitely has some serious work to do to reach that level. For someone like myself that has just dabbled in tattoos, I can’t imagine going full body like Wall or spending that type of time and money on ink! Bouknight doesn’t just talk about his love of tattoos but shouts out his NBA teammates. Similarly to our past episode with PJ Washington, he talks about the tight-knit team that the Hornets have built. Maybe we can expect big things from them next year!

This is a must watch for lovers of the NBA and Tattoos. Being taken behind-the-scenes at one of these private tattoo sessions is not readily available and you get access to a different side of these athletes in this intimate setting. Shout-out to our partners at Betonline for partnering with us on this Season and for everyone that tuned in-keep an eye out for next season as we have a star-studded lineup of both artists and athletes!