June 4, 2024
Trish Arab

It's Hard out Here for a Jays Fan (1 minute read)

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Boy, did I pick the wrong season to start blogging about the Blue Jays?

Their series against the Pirates was a pretty uneventful one so I held off on this post until the series with Baltimore (number two seed in the American League East) was at least halfway through. I should have blogged after Sunday's win against the Pirates.

I say this not just in hindsight, the Jays have spectacularly lost the first two games in this Baltimore series with the absolute collapse of their bullpen, but because I knew going in this match up as planned against the Orioles was going to play out jsut like this. The Blue Jays have no fifth starting pitcher.

The loss in game one showed that even our seasoned pitchers are galling short this season when Kevin Gausman took the L in the 7-2 loss, but the game two matchup was doomed from the start.

While we were up against the 2021 Cy Young-winning pitching of Corbin Burnes, our opener went to Trevor Richards. Who? Exactly.  What was once Alex Manoah's spot on the roster, but was ceremoniously lost, has now been a sort of pass the glove as the Jays struggle to find their rhythm in a season that is quickly slipping away.

We are 14 games back from first and well below.500 I know technically we still were worse positioned in 2016 when, after the All-Star break, the tables turned, and it became a celebratory season with October baseball, but it is hard to believe that we could repeat that this year. The only thing to celebrate in the 10-1 loss against Baltimore last night is George Springer's one homerun (only his fifth this season). That isn't much to celebrate at all.

Luckily for us fans have the choice to watch the last two games of the series or not, our players need to dig in and figure out a way to make the best of what has been a depressing season so far.