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November 7, 2023
Keegan Poulton

Is Joe Burrow the best Quarterback in the NFL? (1 minute read)

Who is the best quarterback in the NFL? Last year, MVP and Super Bowl champion Patrick Mahomes stood alone above the rest, but is this title now up for debate? One thing is for sure, and that is there is no lack of talent at the QB position in the NFL.

Jalen Hurts and Josh Allen were right behind Mahomes last year, but do they have enough to take the next step and surpass him?

When 2021 MVP Aaron Rodgers made the move to the Jets, many thought that he might regain the “best QB” throne with his new Offense, but he went down in his first game with a torn Achilles. We have also seen the emergence of young stars Tua Tagovailoa and Brock Purdy, who started to work their way into the conversation with their offences looking somewhat unstoppable.

Then there’s rookie star CJ Stroud, who has shown flashes of greatness already in his career, but he is still probably a few years out before we can throw him into the race…

But the one QB people are not giving enough credit this year is Joe Burrow. Just a couple of years off of a Super Bowl appearance, Joe Burrow looked different from himself earlier in 2023.

Hindered early on by a lingering calf injury, it seems like a healthy Joe Burrow is now back. His last two games have been a masterclass, and they came against two formidable Defenses in the Bills and the 49ers.

With debatably the best WR group in the league and Defense filled with its fair share of playmakers, is it possible this Burrow lead Cincinnati team makes another magical run to end the season? I think it’s fair to say, don’t ever sleep on Joe!