June 21, 2024
Hong Lau

Halfway through 2024 (1 minute read)

Mario, Princess Peach go on a new adventure in the animated film, Super Mario Brothers

Wow, another half year has passed in the universe of Tidal League. The year has gone by quickly, but it felt different this year than most. The reason this year may feel different than most is that we’ve spent a lot of time actually refining our content strategies to continue to bring you guys the best content and stories.

We’ve continued to prove the model of a great show like "Run Your Race" and "Third and Long" in two of the biggest spaces in all of professional sports. We then remodelled and reworked our entire strategy around YouTube and had massive success in dominating an entire sports community in Track and Field with "Ready Set Go".

We’ve also launched incredible properties like What Would Denyque Do and our newest release, "Black Radio Backstage" with Robert Glasper. It’s been quite a crazy ride for a lot of our team as well. We’ve added about five new faces to the team, and that number will continue to grow as the year 2024 unfolds. We’ve had shows hit 100M impressions within the first four months of the year, and YouTube Channels that are three months old do 1 million views in a 28-day span. So we have a lot to celebrate and be grateful for!

So what does this all mean for Tidal League? 

It means that we will continue to produce and bring you guys incredible talent and content. 

Here are some things you may see to round out the back half of 2024

There are some more properties in the NFL and NBA space… potentially a WNBA show… but we won’t say too much more.

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